Class Descriptions

All students will be evaluated by the CDI staff and assigned level placement based upon ability, age and experience.



Instruction begins to introduce basic ballet leg and arm positions as well as an emphasis on basic musical phrasing and learning in a combination structure. Beginning barre work is introduced.

Ballet I

Students begin barre and center work with focus on posture, ballet terminology and classroom etiquette.

Pre-Ballet (age 5+) | Ballet I (age 7+)


Ballet II & III

Training in intermediate ballet vocabulary and proper body placement, emphasis on flexibility and strengthening to ensure proper development in classical technique. Enrollment by audition in Charleston Youth Ballet Junior Company is open to Ballet III students ages 11 and up.

Please Note: Two technique class minimum at Ballet II & III is recommended and required for Pointe I enrollment WHICH WILL BE FOR 11 + OR INVITATION OF INSTRUCTOR.

Ballet II (age 8+) | Ballet III (age 10+)


Ballet IV & V

This begins the pre-professional track for serious students but is also available to all dancers. Students begin advanced barre and center work with emphasis on correct port de bras, allegro steps, and grande pirouettes. Dancers also train to improve efficiency of the entire ballet vocabulary with emphasis on artistry and advanced musicality. Enrollment by audition in both Charleston Broadway Dance Ensemble and Charleston Youth Ballet Senior Company is open to these levels.

Please Note: Three technique class minimum is recommended at these levels and required for enrollment in Pointe II & III and Pas de Deux/Variations IV & V.

Ballet IV (age 12+) | Ballet V (age 14+)


Pointe - Beginner, I, II, & III

(age 11+ unless invited by instructor) These classes have a sole focus on the most virtuoso skill of a ballerina, pointe work. From beginner classes with concentration on weight placement in and on the pointe shoes, to advanced classes that take the ballet technique to its highest difficulty. Pointe work is a uniquely challenging skill that is geared to the serious ballet student.

Please Note: All levels of Pointe have minimum class requirements and need prior approval from the Directors and pointe instructors for enrollment.

Jazz II, III, IV, & V

(age 8+) The students will begin by exploring the fundamentals of jazz technique while introducing students to the basics in presentational communication. They will then move on to more intermediate jazz vocabulary essential to ensuring a strong and flexible core and honing the dancer’s technique. Dancers will be instructed on the art of becoming a dominant personality on stage and in the classroom. Taken to its highest limits in Jazz III, dancers will be given instruction on the most advanced steps in jazz technique, asked to explore several styles of jazz from contemporary to lyrical and will be guided in the importance of striving for excellence in all facets of performance; from clarity and timing to individuality and the expression of love of their art.

Modern/Contemporary II, III, IV, & V

(age 8+) In these classes students will begin learning the fundamentals of movement beyond the structured ballet technique by implementing alternate uses of weight, balance, and dynamics of movement. Next, in the intermediate class, they will start honing the contemporary technique and broadening the knowledge of multiple modern styles. By Modern/Contemporary III they will be mastering advanced contemporary styles while introducing intricate musical phrasing, choreographic study and partnered movement.

Tap I, II, & III

(age 8+) Students will master basic tap concepts, skills and steps in addition to creating some of their own steps and combinations. These classes focus on a variety of rhythms, which encourages students to listen to the beats of the music and sounds they are making with the steps, rather than just doing the steps.

Pas de Deux/Variations IV & V

(age 12+) This class is dedicated to choreographic study in classical, contemporary, and original variations with intense focus on technical execution and performance quality.

Open Hip-Hop

(age 10+) Hip-hop is becoming more popular nowadays and students will get a good feel to what this genre of dance requires. This class is also a great workout to old and modern music. Students will learn a variety of fast and slow hip-hop moves and combinations that can help increase their strength as a dancer as well as advance their dance repertoire.

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